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Manufactured Items

40+ years of developing excellent customer solutions requires to think outside the box many times, which means that parts needed are not available on the market to buy. As engineers we are doing the most sensible thing: Finding new ways to provide best solutions, which means designing the parts required to manifest and multiply these solutions. Our manufactured items have been implemented and tested many times.

Coaxial Filter

Coaxial filter


The Coaxial Filter was been designed to help secure and filter network signals at our repeater sites.   We sell both UHF and VHF filters.  For more information contact us.

Filter Bracket

brackets 500


Our filter brackets have been designed specifically to be used for the Mount Campbell Coaxial Filters above.  For more information contact us.

Lightning Bracket

Lightning Arrestor Bracket

The Mount Campbell Lightning Arrestor Bracket has been designed to enable the installation of the lightning arrestor to your structure.  For more information contact us.

Pole Mount for Solar Frame

Pole Mount Solar Frame


The Pole Mount has been designed with small solar frames in mind.  Great in assisting you to achieve the most solar available for your site.  Contact us for more information and specifications.

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