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TAIT Unified Vehicle

It’s time to re-imagine the mobile radio.

Tait Unified Vehicle

Supercharge the performance of your existing or new Tait mobile radio with the Tait Unified Vehicle Platform.

Tait Unified Vehicle loads your mobile with more computing power, WIFI, wireless broadband, and more. Increase productivity and safety with more connectivity, and powerful new applications.


  • Powerful applications platform
  • P25 and DMR mobiles supported
  • 3G/LTE Cellular connectivity with Dual SIM Capability
  • Broadband Connectivity options and sharing (tethering)
  • Create a network of networks
  • Applicable to new and existing mobiles
  • Improved voice and data support
  • Multiple brands, regions and carrier approvals (i.e. FirstNet/B14)

Embedded Applications include:

  • PTToX (Push-to-talk over LMR, WIFI, Cellular and Ethernet), where bearer selection can be manual, automatic (configurable priority), GeoFenced
  • AppBuilder
  • OTAP over WIFI and Cellular networks
  • Voice Recorder
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