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Tait has more than 50 years of experience in designing and manufacturing critical communications for the public safety, transport, utilities, mining, oil and gas, and security sectors. We offer a range of Tait products designed to operate in the most demanding situations and environments with absolute reliability and connectivity, so you can work safely and efficiently.

Tait Unified Vehicle

Supercharge the performance of your existing or new Tait mobile radio with the Tait Unified Vehicle Platform.

Tait Unified Vehicle loads your mobile with more computing power, WIFI, wireless broadband, and more. Increase productivity and safety with more connectivity, and powerful new applications.

Tait Push to Talk

Providing Solutions within your Tait Unified Vehicle.

TeamPTT – application (available for Android and iOS devices) operates over any IP bearer (3G/4G, WiFi) that works with Tait radio networks when connected. It supports a wide range of smartphones and tablets, which makes it easier for users who are unfamiliar with radios to interact with a private radio network.

Tait PTTox – provides PTT voice communications across diverse community bearers.  Users enjoy the same PTT experience they would otherwise have on a traditional land mobile radio network regardless of the available networks.

Tait Extended Warranty

Tait Assurance Extended Warranty is a package designed to provide certainty and confidence that your investment in a Tait terminal is protected over the first five years of its life.

Included products are:

TP9300 and TP9500 portable radios

TP9361 intrinsically safe portable radios

TM9300 mobile radios including HHCH

TU2000 Unified Vehicle mobile radios

TB7300 and TB9300 base stations

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