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TAIT Tough

Testing the toughest, mission critical grade portables

Tait radio users have tough jobs. Police, Fire, Emergency services, Mining, Oil and Gas, and Utility workers face challenging conditions every day. They need communications equipment that is totally reliable. That’s why Tait engineers all of our DMR products to work together to be among the toughest, mission critical grade radio networks ever made.

Watch all Tait Tough Tests Here:

Drone Trop Test

Fishing Test

52 Ton Tank Radio Crush Test

2.2 Ton Jeep Radio Crush Test

Punch Test

Car Wash Test

Radio run over by a Truck Test

Steam Roller rolls over a Radio Test

Rock Drop Test

Dirty Dishes Test

Water Cannon Test

Radio launched 100 yards by catapult

Bowling Test

Drag Test

Trash Test

Digger covers Radio in Gravel Test

The Golf Club Test

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