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TAIT Push To Talk

Providing Solutions within Your Tait Unified Vehicle

Tait TeamPTT

Tait TeamPTT is a push-to-talk system for cellular infrastructure that can connect to land mobile radio (LMR) to provide communications to wide geographical areas. It is a secure, IP-based communications solution. It can bridge LMR networks (Analogue, P25, MPT-IP or DMR) to cellular communications through the Tait TeamPTT infrastructure and smartphone application.


The Tait TeamPTT application (available for Android and iOS devices) operates over any IP bearer (3G/4G, WiFi) that works with Tait radio networks when connected. It supports a wide range of smartphones and tablets, which makes it easier for users who are unfamiliar with radios to interact with a private radio network.

The main advantages of combining the Tait TeamPTT network with Tait private networks are:

  • Improved coverage and the ability to communicate when beyond the service area of the radio network or when in coverage black-spots, such as in buildings, car parks, or tunnels where cellular or WiFi signals are present.
  • Increased number of users and the ability to enable non-radio users to participate in group communications.
  • Greater discretion to enable covert users, such as undercover detectives and investigators, to communicate using a standard smartphone to better blend in to their surroundings.

Tait PTToX

The Tait Unified PTToX solution provides PTT voice communications across diverse communication bearers. Users enjoy the same PTT experience they would otherwise have on a traditional land mobile radio network regardless of the available networks.

In areas where a traditional land mobile network is not available due to coverage or capacity limitations, PTT voice can still be available using 3G/4G Cellular broadband and other bearers (e.g. WiFi). Users are able to talk to the same talkgroups and indivicuals regardless of the network type they are operating on.


  • Increase operating area
    For a variety of reasons, your radio network may not cover all the areas where your staff work or travel. Tait Unified PTToX allows workers to continue communicating wherever 3G/4G cellular service is available as if they were still on the primary land mobile radio network.
  • Control the cost of coverage
    Because cellular coverage can be used in areas less often visited, land mobile radio coverage can be focused on the areas where workers spend most of their time.
  • Improve worker safety
    Land mobile radio-like communications, including emergency calls and alarms, are maintained beyond the land mobile radio coverage area. If an emergency arises in these areas, workers are still able to easily summon help.
  • Minimal need for user control
    Tait Unified Vehicle provides a path to both cellular and land mobile radio in the one device autonomously; the user does not need to manually select the bearer to talk on, meaning that the user can concentrate on more important tasks, thus also improving worker safety.
  • Easy calling
    From the user’s point of view, Tait Unified Vehicle PTToX works the same as the land mobile radio network they are used to. The radio controls are the same and any numbering schemes are the same.
  • Minimal configuration
    Setting up the Tait Unified Vehicle PTToX service is handles by Tait support services. The PTToX configuration in the Tait Unified Vehicle units follows the land mobile radio configuration already set in the radios. The same identities for units and talkgroups are used for PTToX as are used for land mobile radio. There is no need to map the numbers between land mobile radio and PTToX.
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